It wasn’t enough that Kenny Sanders was excelling as a professional BMX athlete for a large part of his life. The rider, from the quiet and grounded town of Ephraim, UT, now living in Los Angeles, CA was called to much more. Businessman, entrepreneur- times two- and Published Author for the passionately curious, would eventually be added to his resume of current and growing passions. Kenny founded the clothing brand TTM Lifestyle and is currently the CEO of NotSocks. He is, thematically and essentially, a modern-day Renaissance man. And no: neither of his career choices; hobby as a musician in the band Sonder Saloon come to simply impress a crowd. His focus is to fully evolve into exactly who he’s been called to be. Building up and mentoring people of all ages to be the best they can be. 

By: Lindsey Williams, via CreativeWaveMovement