What Things Are For books have minimal wordage because studies show that young children tend to tune out if a book has too many words. When the child tunes out, they aren’t learning. What Things Are For series strives to keep the reader / listener engaged while having fun, which in return progresses their learning abilities. This book allows the child and adult to interact and communicate with one another.

What does “What Things Are For Book Series” stand for? 

These books are mentors for young children to help shape their mindsets as they grow older.

How is What Things Are For books different from other children’s books?...

Most kids love to draw and show their creative side, which is why these books are an optional coloring book and includes a blank page at the end of each book for kids to draw something using their creative minds. This helps the kids get involved in the learning process.

How do kids learn from these books?

Many of us have read books as kids that have actually stick with us as adults. What Things Are For books have meaning for both kids and adults. I strive to write these books with simplicity as a reminder for both kids and parents / adults to live life to the fullest, while shaping young minds to become responsible adults.